Cawa 1990
The order came to Voronezh for a month and a half (taking into account the re-shipment, the first somehow turned halfway). Ordered 20 watt modules of 4 different colors-with all is OK. First time in a few years on Ali, when the seller himself suggested either resend or refund, after choosing a repeat sent another track, and everything came safely!
I order the second time from this seller, work more than a month, everything is fine. Do not forget about good oholation. A cooler with a radiator from the processor is suitable for removing such amount of heat. Price tag pleased, thank you to the seller.
The goods are working. Came in relatively fast. Long delivered in Russia. Without a radiator quickly heats up. I will make the lamp complement the review. Take-a good seller.

4 szt COB LED chip 10 W 20 W 30 W 50 W lampa LED COB 220 v IP65 Smart IC sterownik zimny/ ciepły biały led reflektor reflektor


SKU: t11156

Układ scalony uderzenia 220V

220V COB Grow Chip

Kolorowe układ scalony uderzenia 220V

  • marka: MEEL
  • Dowód: CCC
  • Typ Żarówki Led: Żarówka Reflektora
  • Pochodzenie: CN(pochodzenie)
  • Numer Modelu: Chip COB
  • Marka układ SCALONY Sid: Эпистар
  • Moc: 10W 20W 30W 50W
  • Przypadek: Powierzchnia, Autostrady, Ściana Zewnętrzna
  • Forma: Powierzchnia
  • Cechą: Nie ma sterownika, inteligentny IC,łatwo zrobić własnymi rękami
  • Napięcie: 220V 230V 240V

Tagi: poduszka Anioła, led matrix idi, diodo led cob, cob 2w 220 W, 12v chip led, lampa led, TŁUKU, wrażenia z led, cob led, sterownik led 3 18w.

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