Yulia Enter96
Little delivery over the data when the order-packaging intact and quite protective, the item is quite hard but in the case of strong twist could bend or even worse spezzarsi Already tested>> yummy Lubricant use certainly improve the result Hope both quality and resist wear enough Great product-Great seller
The product is of poor quality. After sharpening 1 piece of 10 mm wood chisel, the diamond coating disappeared and I used water and the chisel was not worn. The product is thus worth nothing.

Diamentowe Profesjonalne Temperówka Do Ostrzenia Noży Kamień Kamienie Polerskie 80 240 600 1000 2000 3000 Ziarno Diament Kamień Do Ostrzenia


SKU: t1182

  • Dowód: SGS
  • Pochodzenie: CN(pochodzenie)
  • Numer Modelu: ds201
  • Cechą: Запасенный
  • Rodzaj Metalu: Diament

Tagi: nóż kamienny, krzesła tramontina, шарпнер, elektryczna nożowa temperówka, Diamentowa do ostrzenia noży kyocera, ленточно-ostrzarka, Diamentowa szlif, Ziarnistość 3000, temperówka do ostrzenia noży, Diamentowa temperówka.

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